Results matter.

Peer reviewed journals, the American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association believe in the Wellway.

Simultaneous reductions in four biomarkers

Participants in our three pharmaceutical grade clinical trials saw unprecedented results

Cardiometabolic Disease

With 66% of diabetics having hypertension and 94% of individuals with pre-diabetes suffering from cholesterol and/or triglyceride problems, boundaries of chronic disease are quickly blurring. The Wellway meal program has been shown to be clinically effective in simultaneously improving multiple cardiometabolic risk factors in people suffering from multiple chronic diseases, including metabolic syndrome.


People with Hypertension

People with Diabetes


Weight Loss

The Wellway meal program yields significantly greater weight loss across a 52 week period comparied to usual care interventions in individuals with Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease.




Participants on the Wellway meal program were able to achieve significantly greater compliance to calorie, total fat, and saturated fat nutritional goals as well as achieving American Heart Association Guidelines.


Quality of Life

The Wellway meal program leads to unprecedented improvements in quality of life measures and is the only food program clinically proven to reduce risk factors for chronic disease while improving these multiple measures of quality of life and mental health.



Real people. Real results.

The Wellway program yields improvements in key biometrics across three clinical trials

No other nutrition program has been so rigorously vetted

Wellway’s nutrition program was developed by the Campbell’s Soup Company in conjunction with the American Heart Association and American Diabetes association ..

.. and has been the focus of studies at 10 universities and medical centers.