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Live the Wellway.

Wellway is the first and only membership program of its kind that provides a clinically proven meal plan + a digital success plan to simultaneously improve all four major risk factors for type 2 diabetes and heart disease.


For four weeks, members will eat primarily Wellway prepared meals to jumpstart their progress, while utilizing our application to access proven behavior change curriculum and 24/7 on-demand coaches and clinical staff to safely and effectively learn the skills required to make drastic change possible.


For the next 12 weeks, members will practice applying the new skills they have developed while still being heavily supported by caring, on-demand coaches. They can still order prepared Wellway meals but will begin to eat out at restaurants and cook healthy meals at home.

The Wellway application will support them every step of the way by helping them create grocery lists, highlighting the best menu options at popular restaurants and continuing to send tips, tricks and educational short form videos.


The Wellway will become a way of life. Members will have made lasting lifestyle changes to sustain the results they have achieved over the long term. They can always order Wellway prepared meals, contact their coach or clinical staff if they need a little extra support.

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